To seek further growth as a global leading trader,  we will improve our own talents,
extensive international network and business experience in diverse fields.

The business scope of BluePlus International is focused on trading  and R&D  for OEM and ODM business.

Of course, we expand our business volume in scale and substance on a par with industry leaders by diversifying the commodities.

We entered into the business of various paper,  agriculture and  natural resources including  oil and gas as a new frontier.

Via these new commodities, we plan to increase our sales record by tremendous scale.

In addition,  BluePlus  International can support  with industrial components and facilities by use of our own engineering capability.

We will strive to create an impressive success together with you as your confident partner  by optimum products.

BluePlus International has to also keep the strong and reliable supply chain management with the major producers to guarantee competitiveness against
any requirement of purchase.

To secure stable supply and high quality and to expand to upstream business areas, we need to achieve vertical intergration to maximize synergy.

By responding to the rapid change of market conditions and by quick supporting customers  and skilled business techniques, BluePlus International is growing to  one of leading traders and OEM/ODM developers.

We promise you that we are ready to keep trustwothy relationship at the aim of sophisticating and further expanding the business lines with you.