Let’s make blue ocean
together for mutual success !

BluePlus International Co., Ltd. has been taking a leading role in the center of South Korea by outstanding gowth of export every year.
We have had enough experience in this field as you see our improvement in annual sales record.

It resulted from the the reliability as sincere business partners between BluePlus International and the manufacturers.
BluePlus International is specialized in business trading between Middle East Asia and North-East Asia (Korea, China and Japan). We are dealing with various products composed of Electronic products(Display/Audio/Home Appliances), Petrochemical material, Steel or Iron, Paper, Agricultural products, Automotive components, Industrial equipments, mold and machinery.

We have our own engineering capability to design the molds and machineries for the customer who wants to have new products of Home Appliances. Whenever you hope to enlarge your product range, please discuss it with us without hesitation.
As a sincere business partner of yours, BluePlus International welcomes your contact or visit always to discuss it.
Let’s try to find the proper solution together how to establish the stable business portfolio to secure sustainable growth !