vacuum forming
BluePlus International is dealing with all kinds of Machineries.

The core business of the company is primarily the selling of a wide variety of Machineries from most of the advanced suppliers in the world by adding our engineering know-how as a technical consultant. We have the ability to supply with any kind of machinery. We are supplied from the most reliable vendors of the market for Machineries.

All types of press machine
– Die Spotting press & Try-Out press
– H Type forming/Trimming press
– Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press
– C Type press
– Automatic machine with use of Hydraulic and Pneumatic/C Type Ass’y press
– Printing & hot stamping machines
– Automatic assembly line for every goods.
– Roll forming machine (automobile, home appliances, industrial)
– Injection URT machineries.
– Vacuum forming machineries.

Also Sheet Metal & Steel Structure machineries, Wood Working and Carpentry machineries, Power and Air Tools, Air Systems & Air Compressors ,HVAC facilities etc.