BluePlus International is a leading provider of global import/export and offshore trading services for Steel & Metal products and supplies a wide range of iron & steel products to global customers.

It carries steel products made by steel mill which has exported their products worldwide. Along with the steel produced by domestic mills, BluePlus International also imports and supplies with the steel produced in Far East Asian countries in order to meet various customer needs.

The main products dealt by BluePlus International are Hot and Cold rolled steel, Steel Plate, Stainless Steel, Pre-Painted Metal, Laminated Steel, Galvanized Steel BluePlus International ensures a stable supply of high-quality Steel & Metal products to major customers around the world.

In addition, we are putting a great deal of effort into developing new markets in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries especially.

In order to actively respond to the rapidly changing environment in the international Steel & Metal market and establish a long-term marketing infrastructure, BluePlus is making direct communication with the original producers.