Electrolytically Galvanized Steel Sheets (EGI):
Electrolytic Galvanized Steel Sheets (EGI) are produced by electrogildingzinc with cold-rolled steel sheets (CR) to enhance corrosion resistance, and while it has less zinc gilded than hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI), the gilded layer is even and the surface clean and maintains the mechanical characteristics of CRs because the gilding is done at a low temperature.
it’s used for Building exterior roofing and walls, heating panels, boilers, pipes, refrigerator back plate, DISPLAY, home appliance parts, and etc.

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets (GI):
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (GI) are produced by passing the full hard sheet which has undergone the acid washing process and rolling process through the zinc pot, thereby applying zinc film to the surface. GI has a thicker galvanized layer which has excellent anti-corrosion qualities, and is the type of steel sheet used most commonly.
it’s used for Home appliance, automobile parts, steel house, construction frame, interior/exterior construction materials, roofing, soundproof wall, pipe, ducts, and etc.

Galvalume (GL):
Galvalume Steel Sheets (GL) are galvanized steel sheets coated with both zinc and aluminum, an ideal combination of anti-corrosion and alkali-resistance of zinc, and the durability, heat-resistance, and acid-resistance of aluminum. The galvanized layer is consisted of 55% of aluminum and 43.3% of zinc and 1.6% of silicon per weight, and the product combines the strengths of both materials.